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What to do in Nova Lima

What to do in Nova Lima: Main Attractions and tips

Nova Lima is next to Belo Horizonte, and the proximity is such that many people confuse the cities.

Surrounded by mountains, with many cultural, natural and gastronomic attractions, Nova Lima is part of the itinerary Entre Trilhas, Flavors and Scents of the Circuito do Ouro. Here in this article we will talk about the main attractions, when to go, where to stay and some other travel tips.

Nova Lima's history is associated with mining. For more than 120 years, the British were in the region exploring for gold, and left behind many traditions that, today, are completely connected to the history and culture of the municipality.

Tourist Attractions in the City of Nova Lima


Nossa Senhora do Pilar Mother Church is dedicated to the patron saint of Nova Lima. Built in the 18th century, it is in the historic center of town, next to the Municipal Theater and close to other attractions. The entrance to the church is on the side and it is usually open.

Inside the Matriz, what calls attention are the altar, the sacristy and side altarpieces, two pulpits, the "cross arch", the baptistery, the choir balustrade, all by Aleijadinho. In fact, these are his works that are closest to Belo Horizonte. There is also the image of Nossa Senhora do Pilar and Nossa Senhora da Conceição.


The Anglican Church, or Paróquia de São João Batista, is one of the legacies that the English left in Nova Lima. It was built in 1912 so that the English who worked in the Morro Vermelho Mine and their descendants could practice the Anglican cult.

All the material for the construction was imported from England. On the outside, pebbles from the river give texture to the whole structure. Inside, there is an English organ made of wood and metal pipes that was donated by the Saint John Del Rey Mining Company to commemorate the 100 years of English presence in the city. And it works!

Other details that draw attention are the stained glass window that portrays the birth, passion, and resurrection of Christ, and the Baptismal font, both donated by the English. The service is celebrated every Sunday at 9:30 am, and once a year there is a celebration in English to celebrate the memory of the English and the heritage they left in the city.


The Rego Dos Carrapatos Municipal Nature Park is very close to the Historic Centre and is a piece of Atlantic Forest and Cerrado in the middle of the city. There are various activities offered by the city council aimed at environmental education and physical and mental health. There are around 10 kilometres of trails that link up with other trails in the city, making it an excellent option for lovers of walking and nature.

The Rego Dos Carrapatos Municipal Natural Park is very close to the Historical Center and is a piece of the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado in the middle of the city. There are several activities offered by the City Hall aimed at environmental education and physical and mental health.


The Bicame, an aqueduct, is outside the Rego Dos Carrapatos Park, but it is through it that the water reaches the canal. It is a wooden structure 30 meters long and 15 meters high, built in 1890 by the Saint John D'el Rey Mining Company.

The objective was to conduct the waters of Ribeirão do Carrapato to the Morro Vermelho Mine (today AngloGold Ashanti) to wash the gold ore. In 2002, it was chosen as the symbol of the city.


The Municipal Theater of Nova Lima was built in the 1940s. Today, it is one of the show houses with great importance for the cultural scene in Minas Gerais. The project was designed by Rafaello Berti, an Italian who made it eclectic, with visible characteristics of the Art Deco period. The theater mainly receives orchestras. It is worth keeping an eye on the programming to be able to visit it from the inside. Outside of performance days, the visit needs to be booked for weekdays.


Casa Grande is the home of the Anglogold Ashanti Memorial Center. A collection open to the public that recovers and preserves the memory of the technological evolution of the gold mining process in the region since 1834, developed at the time by the British, up to the present day.

Casa Grande is an 18th century mansion in Portuguese colonial style, with large gardens. It was once the residence of the mine's owners and, later, of the superintendent. Today, the house is divided by themes in 19 environments, with objects and machines that were part of this history, from communication to health.

Other Locations Near the City of Nova Lima

Adventure Tourism near the Venue

Here are some sports options you can enjoy during the event, along with the respective contacts of the companies that provide the service:

  • Can you imagine walking, breathing in the fresh air and contemplating the beauty of the place? It's 29 kilometres long, with 4 kilometres of tarmac, 12.5 kilometres of single tracks and 12.5 kilometres of dirt roads, where you'll find the walking track on the edge of the lagoon. There, visitors walk along a good path with a view of the lagoon and the mountains and a stream beside it, as well as streams and beautiful hills.

    As well as hiking around the Lagoa dos Ingleses, which doesn't require a guide, the region has other options for radical adventures, such as abseiling. Uai na Trilha Nova Lima has the support of Rocca Seguros. We have specialised guides, radio communicators and a first aid kit to ensure that the tour goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

    Partner Company: Uai na Trilha Nova Lima Hiking Guide Services
    Contact: Amanda Alenita Alvares Geckler
    Mobile: +55 31 7517-5626
    Instagram: @uainatrilhanl

  • Projeto Trilhas Bike Bar - the result of a partnership between Projeto Trilhas, Specialized and CSul, offers infrastructure for the development of the sport and the local community, providing cyclists with an environment of support, interaction and understanding of Projeto Trilhas.

    t the Specialized Experience Centre you can see and try out the best models of bikes (electric urban bikes, electric mountain bikes) and a special range of products developed with Projeto Trilhas. The space also houses a mixed snack bar / Honest Market operation, which is open 24 hours a day. Bike hire rates are available in person. Toilets and shower facilities are other amenities aimed at the comfort of enthusiasts and athletes. Hire a bike with no obligation and take a ride in the area or on an easy trail around Lagoa do Ingleses.

    Our region is full of trails of different levels. Please inform us of your experience on a trail bike and the purpose of the tour. Includes specialised guides for groups of 3 or more; new Specialized electric bikes and bike transfer if necessary.

    Partner Company: Projeto Trilhas e bikes
    Contact: Patrick
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.7318-2747
    e-instagram: @projetotrilhasbikebar

    Partner Company: Pcycle bicicletas e serviços esportivos Ltda
    Contact: Chico
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.8872-0061 / 9.8413-2139
    instagram: @p.cycle_lifestyle

  • Vriksha Studio Yoga was born out of the desire to have a cosy place made especially for the practice of yoga, where the philosophy could be passed on and experienced by everyone, both on and off the mat. The teachers have many years of training and practice. They offer a 1.30-hour yoga practice.

    Venue: Outdoors, in an area of Alphaville Lagoa dos Ingleses. The location is still to be decided with the Alphaville General Association, but we suggest 3 options: On the edge of the lagoon, Mirante 1 and Mirante 2; or in our space, which has been designed so that our students have a complete experience of peace and tranquillity.

    Partner Company: Vriksha Studio Yoga
    Contact: Thaisy Cabas
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.8394-5187
    Instagram: @vriksha_studio_yoga

  • For the more adventurous, the free flight ramps at the Top of the World are an excellent choice. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the mountainous landscape from above, with tandem paragliding flights operated by certified professionals. Times are set according to the weathe

    Partner Company: Serra da Moeda School
    Contact: Glayson de Castro
    Mobile: +55 (31) 7136-6948
    nstagram: @escolaserradamoeda @glaysondecastro

  • Embark on a thrilling kayaking journey through the crystal-clear waters of the stunning Taboão reservoir. Explore the lush nature as you glide gently along the verdant banks, feeling the refreshing breeze on your face. Includes: breakfast, lunch, guided tours with all equipment. Certified drivers and requires prior booking.

    Partner Company: Cral MG
    Contact: Sandra
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.8326-8927
    Instagram: @cralmg @villa.itatibaia @roledecaiaque

  • The Serra do Cipó is in the southern region of the Serra do Espinhaço and is considered one of the main tourist regions of Minas Gerais, 90 kilometres from the state capital. Marked by sandy rocks, the region lies on the watershed between the São Francisco and Doce river basins.

    It has one of the greatest diversities of flora and fauna in the world, including endangered species. The region is home to the Serra do Cipó National Park, which aims to protect and preserve this natural heritage. The park is characterised by archaeological sites, canyons, caves, waterfalls, rivers, forests, rocky fields and savannahs.

    In addition to all the attractions, Cipó is home to a large number of beautiful waterfalls, which welcome and delight countless visitors every year. The Serra do Cipó is an environmental protection area of immense importance in the state of Minas Gerais and in Brazil.

    The region boasts an enviable range of attractions for leisure, contemplation, outdoor activities, birdwatching and adventure sports.

    In the Serra do Cipó you'll find famous waterfalls such as the Véu da noiva waterfall, the Farofa waterfall, the Grande waterfall, the Serra Morena waterfall, the Canio Bandeirinhas and many others.

    In Serra do Cipo MG you'll also find the famous statue of Juquinha, an important character and symbol of the region.

  • Suitable for those who have never climbed before and/or beginners: They take you climbing on a rock wall in the open air, to experience the thrill of real rock climbing. This climb takes place in Group 3 of Morro da Pedreira, where there are caves and beautiful rock formations. All the necessary safety equipment is used, the instructors are experienced climbers and all activities are covered by Ecotrip Adventures personal insurance. Includes certified local guides; climbing equipment (harness, trainers, helmet, rope, carabiners, magnesium bag).

    Partner company: Climb Cipó
    Contact: Débora and Vanessa
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.9699-9093 or +55 (31) 9.8427-8627
    Instagram: @climbcipo

  • Ideal for those who want to experience a vertical adventure! Safe ride, also suitable for families with children (minimum age 6 years). Descent down a 30-metre limestone wall with a full view of Cipó! Includes certified local guides; abseiling equipment (harness, helmet, rope, carabiners). Ecotrip personal insurance.

    Partner company: Climb Cipó
    Contact: Débora and Vanessa
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.9699-9093 or +55 (31) 9.8427-8627
    Instagram: @climbcipo

  • Gavião Waterfall and Andorinhas Waterfall are at the same gate of the park (Portaria Retiro). There are two beautiful waterfalls, and the aeroplane trail is the easiest. To get to Andorinhas, you have to "jump stones" across the riverbed, which can be a little difficult for those who are not used to it.

    The Congonhas waterfall, also marvellous, is accessed by another entrance about 15km away by car to reach the start of the trail.
    Total time: About 6 hours

    • Gavião Waterfall: 14km (1h:30 one way)
    • Andorinhas Waterfall: 16km (2 hours one way)
    • Congonhas Waterfall and its falls: 16km (2hs one way)

    Included: Certified drivers; Ecotrip personal insurance.


    Partner company: Climb Cipó
    Contact: Débora and Vanessa
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.9699-9093 or +55 (31) 9.8427-8627
    Instagram: @climbcipo



    The 4x4 Jeep passes through the crest of the Serra do Espinhaço, with cinematographic landscapes and a 7 km round trip hike to the top of the largest waterfall in Minas Gerais, with 273 metres of waterfall and several options of wells and cascades for refreshing swims.
    Medium level. Location: Parque Natural Municipal do Tabuleiro
    Duration Approx. 8 hours
    Distance - 80 km by car / 11 km on foot
    Includes: - Accredited drivers; 4x4 JEEP; Ecotrip personal insurance

    Partner company: Climb Cipó
    Contact: Débora and Vanessa
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.9699-9093 or +55 (31) 9.8427-8627
    Instagram: @climbcipo

  • Location: Cachoeira Grande - Rio Cipó
    Duration: 2 hours
    Certified drivers.
    ncluded: - canoeing equipment; Ecotrip personal insurance.

    Partner company: Climb Cipó
    Contact: Débora and Vanessa
    Mobile: +55 (31) 9.9699-9093 or +55 (31) 9.8427-8627
    Instagram: @climbcipo

  • The Caves Tourist Circuit Association - IGR Grutas, is currently made up of 15 municipalities: Cachoeira da Prata, Capim Branco, Caetanópolis, Confins, Cordisburgo, Fortuna de Minas, Jequitibá, Lagoa Santa, Matozinhos, Paraopeba, Pedro Leopoldo, São José da Lapa, Sete Lagoas, Santana de Pirapama and Prudente de Morais. The Caves Tourist Circuit welcomes the most different tastes, interests and desires: from the adventurous to the relaxed tourist, from children to senior citizens, from the rural to the urban. For adventure lovers, there's our DNA - THE GRUTAS: Gruta do Maquiné, Gruta da Lapinha and Gruta do Rei do Mato, as well as countless possibilities for trekking, cycling, climbing and much more!

    Mobile: +55 31 99777-4276
    Instagram: @circuitodasgrutasmg

    Mobile: +55 31 99669-3886
    Instagram: @circuitodasgrutasmg

    Mobile: +55 31 99564-6656
    Instagram: @circuitodasgrutasmg