International Slope Stability 2024 - Symposium

Message from the Chair


On behalf of the organizing committee of ISSS ́24, I would like to say that we could not be happier for the opportunity to finally bring this great Conference to Brazil, particularly to the state of Minas Gerais!

The history of mining in Brazil is intertwined with the history of our state, as its name suggests (Minas Gerais, or "General Mines"). Since the eighteenth century, the mineral resources in the state have attracted the attention of explorers and colonizers. The gold discovered here spurred a broad rush through the region, turning it into one of the main economic centers of the time. This historical legacy endures to this day, with mining playing a crucial role in the local and Brazilian economy. Nowadays, more than 89% of the country's metallic minerals production is distributed between the states of Minas Gerais and Pará (ANM, 2020).

This vocation as a producer of baseline materials for the development of the country has led Minas Gerais to develop its remarkable characteristic of innovation, whether technological, academic-scientific, entrepreneurial, and environmental, reconciling the constant search for the utmost efficiency in optimizing our mineral resources with the most sustainable way of doing so. The "Mineiro" (this term identifies someone or something from Minas Gerais, but it is also a direct translation to “Miner”!) way of life is recognized all over Brazil by the hospitality, generosity, lightness and cunning of our people, and this mentality is reflected in the progress of the state.

Naturally, Minas Gerais stands out for its technical and scientific expertise in the field of Slope Engineering, both in mining and in civil applications, either by academic and research institutions or by the companies specialized in equipment, engineering consulting services, technology and logistics that have called our state home over the years.

The ISSS´24 Conference represents an important milestone for our state and for Brazil, bringing together renowned professionals dedicated to Geotechnical Engineering Slopes into an event focused in sharing knowledge, experiences, networking and collaboration among participants.

Not to mention the selection of worldwide famous historical, gastronomic and adventure tourism activities that the state of Minas Gerais has to offer!

Welcome to our Conference, and come check for yourself  the "Mineiro" way of life!

Gustavo Vianna
2024 International Slope Stability Symposium